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The Templar Salvation

Constantinople, 1203. As the rapacious armies of the Fourth Crusade lay siege to the city, a small band of Templars infiltrate the imperial library. They escape with three large chests filled with explosive secrets – ones they will not live long enough to learn.

Vatican City, present day. In the hidden archives of the Inquisition, FBI agent Sean Reilly has no choice but to violate the trust he has earned. A vicious terrorist has kidnapped Tess Chaykin, and the key to her freedom lies in this underground crypt, where a secret could explain the real reasons for the Templars’ extermination and bring devastation to our world.

A pulse-pounding manhunt takes Reilly and Tess across the world as they follow the blood-soaked trail of their enemy, a devious, uncompromising foe unlike any they have battled before…

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Reviews of The Templar Salvation

"Sublime narrative…From the earliest pages, when we learn of Tess’s abduction at the hands of an Iranian zealot to the climax 400 pages later, the action and the intrigue never cease. The result is a full-throttle action-adventure thriller wrapped in a political cautionary tale with a gratifyingly eloquent center."

Library Journal (Laura Cifelli)

"…Very well constructed blend of historical mystery and present-day thriller…there’s no denying [Khoury]’s got the storytelling chops and the imagination to spin an exciting yarn. Fans of his earlier novels, especially this one’s predecessor, will eat this one up."

Booklist (David Pitt)

"Khoury’s entertaining sequel to The Last Templar (2006)…The constant suspense, ever-mounting body count, and interesting historical lore will keep readers turning the pages."

Publishers Weekly

"The novel is fast-paced, an all the major and minor characters are well drawn and contribute to the plot. The historical parts of the story are accurate and well researched. If you enjoy gripping stories that keep you on the edge of your seat, I recommend this book and its prequel. You don’t need to read the first novel to follow this story, although reading it will help you better identify with the characters. A great read!"

The Historical Novels Review (Jeff Westerhoff)