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“A world-class writer of pure-bred thrillers”

The Telegraph

Sweeping and cinematic… A sort of literary Lee Child.”

The Independent

“Khoury’s thrillers engage the reader’s mind, even as they move at a breakneck pace. Readers who like their thrillers to have a solid intellectual component will enjoy Khoury’s books very much.”


Now out: EMPIRE OF LIES, a sweeping alternate-reality thriller in the tradition of Man in the High Castle and Fatherland

"The best what-if thriller for a long, long time - makes you think, makes you sweat."

 Lee Child

“Alternate histories don’t get much better than this thought-provoking mind bender. This ranks as a classic of the genre.”

Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“Superior and plausible world-building matches an ingeniously imaginative conceipt.”

Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“A masterpiece.”

Steve Berry

“An alternative history tale that will blow your mind.”

David Baldacci

“As with sci-fi at its best, the real excitement in Khoury’s complex multi-plot comes not from the thrills on the surface, but from the ideas underneath.”

Wall Street Journal

“Be prepared to be forever impacted, forever changed.”

James Rollins
No 1 Bestselling Author

“Thrilling, disturbing, inspiring, and left me all too often in awe.”

James Rollins
No 1 Bestselling Author

“An intelligent, immersive thriller, as thought-provoking as it is entertaining.”

Brad Meltzer

“Alternate history, tons of adventure … this is real fun.”

Brad Meltzer

The Book

Paris, 2019. The Ottoman Empire stretches from the deserts of Arabia to the English Channel, and the sultan has ruled over Europe for 300 years. 

But these are dangerous times in the empire. Facing threats from within its borders as well as from the distant Christian Republic of America, the tyrannical regime is cracking down hard. Asking too many questions can be a highly risky endeavor. Which is what Special Investigator Kamal Agha, a decorated agent of the sultan’s secret police, is about to find out.

When a naked man covered in tattoos appears on the banks of the Seine and murders a passerby, Kamal is tasked with tracking him down. But the mysterious man’s trail leads Kamal to a secret buried deep in the empire’s past, a secret that goes to the very core of the empire’s supremacy. A secret the sultan and his security services will do anything to silence.

With the state’s ruthless Z Directorate now on his trail, Kamal, together with Nisreen—a bold human rights lawyer, and his sister-in-law—is caught up in a deadly race, one that stretches not only across the empire, but across time itself.

A race that could radically change their world—its future, its present, and even, its past…

The Author

Raymond Khoury is the New York Times and international bestselling author of eight novels: The Last Templar, The Sanctuary, The Sign, The Devil’s Elixir, Rasputin’s Shadow, The End Game, and his latest, Empire of Lies (aka The Ottoman Secret in the UK). Before writing novels, Raymond was an architect, then an investment banker, then a screenwriter, where his credits include the hit BBC series Spooks and Waking the Dead. His novel The Last Templar was based on an original screenplay he wrote ten years before the book was first published. His novels have been translated into 40 languages.