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A wondrous sphere of light appears over the collapsing Antarctic ice-shelf. Is it a warning from God about humankind’s mismanagement of the planet? No: Raymond Khoury’s latest book is not a treatise on spirituality or environmentalism. Instead, this is the starting point for a pulse-pounding thriller that spans continents in pursuit of an audacious if implausible hi-tech conspiracy to reshape the global balance of power, told in 85 punchy chapters, which cries out Hollywood blockbuster. Khoury’s characters include a spirited female television reporter and her sidekick cameraman, a hard-nut ex-con in search of his brother, the saintly Father Jerome, an internet billionaire, a ruthless mercenary enforcer and an evil neocon policy-maker – who together make it an exciting ride.

Peter Ingham, The Telegraph (UK) on The Sign