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How I wish I hadn’t read The Da Vinci Code… Every story in this genre is now always going to suffer by comparison, and in many ways this is a better book. Raymond Khoury is an experienced scriptwriter and it really shows in the brilliant plotting of this book. It’s fast-paced, and you can really imagine the story making a great movie… The ultimate secret contained in the Templar manuscripts (yes, it is revealed…!) is both fascinating and thought provoking, and the journey, both physical and emotional, undertaken by the main protagonists in discovering it is truly page-turning stuff. My only real problem is with the ending of the book. It’s literally a cliffhanger (no, I won’t spoil it…), and personally I’d rather have seen things getting a bit less “wet”. I do seriously urge you to read the book though – and you’ll know what I mean! on The Last Templar